Best Vacuums for Hardwood and Pet Hair

Finding an efficient, lasting vacuum cleaner that you can use on a regular basis is a hassle. Looking for one that can clean up both pet hair and hardwood floor can be a major pain.

Pet owners who have hardwood floors installed in their homes will understand the headache.

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Fortunately, on the market are vacuums which can do a competent job of both.

Finding The Perfect Cleaner

You may have the notion that purchasing the best vacuum for pet hair just requires looking for a candidate with great suction power.

In truth, the process takes much consideration. Eliminating pet hair is already a challenge. You’d have to look for a cleaner which:

  • Is bagless, as bags tend to fill up with hair quickly
  • Has powerful suction that gets rid of hair from carpets
  • And vigorous roller brushes that can trap hair

As if looking for such a cleaner is not enough of a task, you’d have an even bigger problem if you have hardwood floors installed in your home.

The difficulty of cleaning is more pronounced with hardwood floors, because you’d have to be concerned about protecting the floor from scuff marks. At the same time, you’d have to think of how to remove unwanted hair efficiently.

Even the best handheld vacuum does seamless work of removing hair from hard-to-reach places, but they are still intended for minor tasks. They can’t remove from bigger floor areas.

Fortunately, there are a number of top rated vacuum cleaners and manufacturers that have come up with powerful vacuum cleaners that work to address both of these issues.

Best Cleaners For Hardwood And Pet Hair

The Hoover WIndTunnel T-Series Pet Rewind UH 70210

This nifty cleaner received rave reviews on Amazon, with users citing affordability and a retractable cord as the main reasons for purchase. This powerhouse cleaner comes with:

  • A 27 foot automatically retracting power cord
  • HEPA and carbon filters that are reusable and washable
  • Indicators that show that filters need washing
  • A pedal to retract the brush roll
  • A strong power brush

Storage is a breeze because the auto rewind cord feature winds it up immediately when activated. A push pedal folds the vacuum down and allows you to find it a home in your storeroom or kitchen.

The same push pedal retracts the brush roll for cleaning floors.

No extra money needs to be spent on filters. The HEPA filters are easily removed and washed. The cool indicator tells you when this needs to be done.

The biggest blessing of this model is that it eases the transition from cleaning carpets to floors. The Turbo Pet Hair Brush facility is a boon for pet owners. It can be removed so that you won’t have to worry about scratching your hardwood floor.

The Eureka Pet Lover Oh! Upright Bagless 439AZ

Affordable on Amazon, this model by Eureka is another blessing for pet owners. It:

  • Is bagless, which makes it easy to clear up after pets
  • Removes hair from carpets, upholstery and floors
  • Has a power paw handheld attachment for removing hair efficiently
  • Has a crevice tool and a pet upholstery brush
  • Is incredibly lightweight.

Accessories are a boon of this vacuum. It makes removing animal hair a nightmare of the past.

They can also be removed to ease the transition from cleaning the upholstery to bare or hardwood floors. The task is easier as it’s very light.

It uses cyclone technology. This means that you won’t have to worry about sneezing as you try to remove annoying, dirt-filled bags that make you sneeze.

The BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser Cyclonic Canister

This is a slightly heavier vacuum, but does a good cleaning job. It has:

  • A cyclonic cleaning feature
  • A pet hair lifter
  • A multi-surface cleaning feature
  • Dual HEPA Filters with Filter indicators
  • Automatic cord rewind

This vacuum is bagless and it’s cyclonic cleaning facility ensures steady suction. The “lifting device” enables it to remove pet fluff easily.

The boon of this cleaner is the multi-surface cleaning feature. It means that this cleaner can pick up dirt over any surface, be it carpet, hardwood, linoleum or tile.

The automatic cord rewind feature makes storage a breeze. Another great vacuum worth checking out is the BISSELL PowerEdge 81L2T.

The Dyson DC41 Animal Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

This vacuum machine is a popular one, some even consider it one of the best vacuums for cleaning pet hair around that’s also bagless; so grab it quickly if you can. There are just a few left in Amazon’s stockpile at the moment.

That’s not surprising because this cleaning blessing comes with:

  • Radial Root Cyclone Technology
  • A self-adjust cleaning head
  • Ball technology

Pet owners prefer a bagless vacuum and this fits the bill neatly. It uses Radial Root Cyclone Technology that makes suction powerful.

Users are generally pleased with the self adjust cleaning head. With this Dyson vacuum cleaner, there’s no need to bend over to make adjustments to transit from carpet to floor because it’s a great vacuum even for cleaning wood floors.

The Ball technology and lightweight design enable smooth steering as well.

A drawback of this vacuum is that it doesn’t have an auto cord rewind feature. Rolling it up and putting it away is a bit of a task.

The Dyson DC44 Animal Digital MK2

Designated as a vacuum cleaner to pick up after animals, you’d probably use this to pick up hair in hard to reach places. It offers:

  • A digital motor
  • A motorized floor tool
  • Increased run time
  • A mini motorized tool

A blessing of this cleaner is that it’s convenient and portable. You can use it to pick up hair all over the house.

“All over the house” is not an understatement. The motorized floor tool and cordless feature enable it to clean hair from all floor surfaces.

There’s no need to fuss around with long cords or extension tubes. The rotating rhythm brushes and motorized mini tool allow a quick removal of pet hair.

This vacuum is at the higher budget end, but users are still pleased with it. There’s just one left in Amazon’s storeroom.

It’s hard to find the perfect cleaner, but these five choices make the task pleasurable. There are also other steps you can take to deal with shedding pets so that you can minimize the amount of actual cleaning you will need to do.


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