BISSELL Basic ProHeat 2X Review

The BISSELL 9200 Basic upright carpet cleaner is rated 3.1 out of 5 stars on Amazon; it’s therefore given a qualified recommendation, although it barely squeaks by our criteria for a recommendation. Having said that, it’s still a decent prototype of the BISSELL Pro-Heat series, and it stands as the basic model that launched more successful units employing the hot-water carpet cleaning treatment system.

BISSELL ProHeat 2X Upright Deep Carpet CleanerThe BISSELL Pro-Heat system using hot carpet cleaning formula mixed with heated tap water and coupled with a powerful suction mechanism to quickly remove carpet stains in only one pass. There are ten rows of brushes, all powerfully rotating, that break up the ground-in grime and force it to the surface, flush it away with the hot water cleaning system and massage the carpet.

The unit can even go against walls and perform its cleaning functions with no scratching, due to its edge sweeping brushes. The patented heating system raises the temperature of hot tap water some 25 degrees, and this optimizes the efficacy and speed of the unit.

The powerful Dirt Lifter rollers power out the dirt and at the same time groom carpet and fluff the fibers. It’s especially effective in high traffic areas, and with pet stains; it also features a cold water application for safe cleaning of Oriental carpeting and wool rugs.

Customer Feedback

Negative Reviews

Since the unit is barely acceptable at 3.1 stars, a number of complaints have to be acknowledged. Among these are the numerous unhappy customers whose unit stopped working, either with the sprayer or the entire heating system. This is most commonly caused by the clogging of the pump, which can occur regularly; the unit is difficult to disassemble, and usually needs to be sent to a BISSELL service store. Totalvac, which is a consumer website for vacuum cleaners, has reported that when the pump fails, it stop the solenoid as well. This complaint is almost universal throughout most of the reviews (some 51 negatives in the one and two star range), and many indicate that they spent more time servicing and repairing the unit than using it.

Positive reviews

Positives for this unit include several enthusiastic customers, but even these have a note of qualification: many noted the issues the machine has even if it does not stop operating, such as the need to frequently clean all the parts, as well as the possibility of leakage if the unit is stored while still full of cleaning compound (even though this is BISSELL’s recommendation).

Carpet Cleaning

That said, many are happy with the unit, and enjoy re-discovering their carpeting for the first time, so to speak, as the powerful cleaning instrument reveals new color and mat to the previously grimy flooring. One customer was thrilled to discover that his brown carpeting border was actually a light tan! Many, also, note that the BISSELL basic is a true work horse, and these are about even with the reviews that say it isn’t.


The jury couldn’t arrive at a verdict, so we recommend the BISSELL basic with qualifications noted above. We also recommend that you check out some of the other BISSELL ProHeat 2x series vacuums before making your final purchasing decision.