BISSELL ProHeat 2X CleanShot Review

Most vacuums advertise themselves as hot stuff, but the ProHeat 2x CleanShot proves it. It uses power, heat, cleaning formula and a variety of brushes and attachments to deep-clean the grimiest carpet in the most dense traffic areas you’ve got. The heater for the BISSELL heats water 25 degrees hotter than most models, for maximum results. This cleaner also has a no-heat switch for more delicate carpeting and rugs.

BISSELL ProHeat 2x CleanShotBy utilizing two DirtLifter Powerbrushes to roll out a bristle pattern on your carpet, it safely and easily lifts out grime while gently massaging and grooming your carpeting for a refreshed and completely clean look. Then the unit’s dryer, the not-so-humble Dry Aire function, blasts hot air across the carpeting to dry it as the brushes fluff it up.

Quite a system and one that is revolutionizing carpet cleaning as we know it. The BISSELL’s floating suspension adjusts automatically to any carpet height and the dual tank keeps the dirty water separate from the clean water; it all produces a spectacular clean that’s easily seen, even deep down.

With every attachment tool imaginable, for every nook and cranny, the BISSELL CleanShot is ideal for every carpet that needs heavy cleaning. You can read more about these features in the user’s guide.

Customer Feedback

The Negative Reviews

This BISSELL model achieved an enviable 3.9 out of 5 star rating, so you can imagine it hasn’t gotten many bad reviews; however, one consistent theme that comes out of the negatives is that the CleanShot, if improperly used or if operated too quickly, will leave residue in the form of trails of hair; another fairly steady complaint is that the plastic parts (particularly the attachments) tend to break much too easily. However, the most regular problem with this deep cleaner is, after a long period of inactivity, may break down suddenly; several customers have had it at the repair shop more than at home. This is a minority view, but it infuses anger into several reviews from bitter customers.

The Positive Reviews

It’s a lot sweeter over on the positive side, where the customers are many, and reviews are awesome. Most consider the BISSELL CleanShot to be super easy to assemble, and unlike the negative reviewers, commend it for lengthy use and durability. They enjoy the ease of the water tank, both filling and emptying, and the separate tank for the cleaning solution solves a number of problems for owners of models without that feature.

Clean Shot Heavy Duty Spot Cleaning

Clean Shot Heavy Duty Spot CleaningThe one feature most commented on is the Clean Shot, which is a blast of pure cleaning solution delivered on a single tough spot, and most customers note that it’s highly effective and gives a long lasting clean. As if in defiance of the negative reviewers, many commend the durable plastic attachments as being much sturdier than earlier ones. One customer even mentioned that when it comes to carpet cleaning with the CleanShot, she has it so much easier than her grandmother.


With all votes in, the 2X CleanShot is definitely a winner. It’s a bargain as well for anyone wanting to heat up their cleaning experience and get visibly clean carpeting.