BISSELL ProHeat 2X Healthy Home Review

If you’re reading this, then we should be the one to tell you that this is definitely one of BISSELL’s best and most-recommended deep cleaning upright unit. The BISSELL Healthy Home Deep Cleaner uses the innovative BISSELL hot-water cleaning method of combining heated tap water with carpet cleaner formula and forcing it through a powerful set of a dozen rotating brushes, thus removing ground-in dirt and grime, flushing it away while fluffing and grooming carpeting fibers.

Dual DirtLifter PowerBrushesThe heater takes tap water 25 degrees up the heating scale for the maximum effective clean (and if you’ve got Oriental rugs or wool carpeting, don’t worry – there’s also a cool water function).

It sprays that water (combined with the cleaning solution) onto high traffic and pet-stained areas of your floor and powers the grime out with a single pass, while massaging the carpet into fully cleaned, like new fiber matting. The ultra smooth suspension system adjusts to any carpet or flooring height, and the patented Dry Aire system blasts hot air across carpeting to facilitate a quick drying sensation.

Microban microbial protection comes automatically with this, and many customers report a huge decrease in their allergic reactions to dust and pollen as the Healthy Home unit cleans their flooring. In addition, numerous attachments easily clean every possible surface, no matter how out of the way, and these are easily attached and removed. It’s not a surprise that this unit received a 4.2 out of 5 star on Amazon.

Customer Feedback

Negative Reviews

There are only a few negatives, and most of them deal with units that break down and need the heating pump repaired.  This was a common complaint in earlier BISSELL models, but the company created numerous innovations in this advanced and innovative unit, thus the problem is far less frequent. There are a few bugs still, which means there are still a few unsatisfied customers, but the minority opinion of this breakdowns is dwindling.

Positive Reviews

These are numerous, and fairly spectacular in their praise for the unit. They enjoyed the new features (exclusive to this BISSELL) of the spinning icon at the base of the machine, which indicates whether or not the job is going well or needs to stop to refill. The four settings were praised as well, since customers loved the ability to switch immediately from normal cleaning settings to those for heavy traffic areas.

ProHeat 2x Healthy HomeAlthough the unit is bulky, most didn’t find it hard to maneuver, and assembly was easy for almost all customers. The unit surpassed most expectations in results, and a universal theme that is common to all BISSELL models surfaced again and again, that the customer is rediscovering what his/her carpeting really looks like. A number of faded rugs (even Oriental ones) brighten to new life when it turns out that it was dust and not exposure that was the problem. For the rest, it’s all superlatives such as Wow, awesome, amazing, remarkable, astonishing being applied to this excellent unit, and the clean carpeting results were called “literal lifesavers” by a number of satisfied users.


If you’re searching for the best BISSELL deep cleaner then you should be happy to know that you’re looking in the right direction . Many of the customers who have bought this model indicate that it really is one of the best and we have no problem enthusiastically recommending this ProHeat 2X unit based on their positive reviews and experiences.