BISSELL ProHeat 2X Pet Review

BISSELL is probably the greatest innovator in deep cleaning carpet units, especially with their incredible Pro heat series. This BISSELL Pet deep cleaner features the remarkable pressurized cleaning system that uses cleaning solution and super-heated water to blast out the toughest deep down dirt and stains, especially those from your canine and feline friends.

BISSELL ProHeat 2x PetThe patented Surround Suction system, which features a technology that literally controls and removes odors (not just masking them), allows for the most powerful kind of pet cleanup you’ll ever run across. Its doubled brushes (ten of them in all), all rotating at powerful speeds, pull out the dirt from deep down, flush it away with hot water and leave the carpet matting brushed, fluffed and gently massaged, all for maximum clean and maximum ease. The dual tank, which separates the dirty water entering from the clean water exiting, is easy to fill, easy to empty and incredibly easy to clean; in addition, there’s every possible brush you’d ever need for crevices, corners, cubbyholes, triangle patches and all the odd places where dirt likes to hide. And on high traffic areas, it’s amazing; you’ll discover like new carpeting and vibrant colors you never knew you had.

Customer Feedback for BISSELL ProHeat

Negative reviews

The BISSELL Pet Deep Cleaning system has a fine rating, 3.7 stars out of 5 on Amazon, but that has to mean that some people weren’t happy with the purchase. And the complaint is the same one echoed for most BISSELL Deep cleaning uprights, that the machine will not function well (for some, at least) after multiple uses. The reason appears to be, in most cases, that the heating unit clogs (it’s not easily flushed out) and must be replaced. BISSELL is usually happy to do that for customers, but many feel it’s too much trouble for the price, especially shipping the unit back and forth. In addition, it does leave wet spots and traces of fiber, although these dry quickly and are easily removed with a second sweep. Still, many customers who are in the negatives consider the BISSELL a mediocre second to other models.

Positive reviews

ProHeat Deep CleaningHowever, many of the positive reviewers consider this unit second to none, particularly in its astonishing ability to restore dirty, grimy or supposedly faded carpet to new color and luster; many customers thought that their carpeting had faded, and were happy to discover that the effect was dust, not exposure. Their carpets are literally new again. In open defiance of the negatives, many positive reviewers report heavy use and long life from their BISSELL, with no clogging or other complaints manifesting themselves; because of this, most positive customers review it in superlatives such as great, wonderful, miraculous and fabulous. One remarked that cleaning the unit is a bit disgusting, but she tempered that with the idea that the dirt and grime were in the machine and no longer on her floor.


And since the BISSELL Pet does what it is supposed to and far more, we can’t help but recommend it to the pet enthusiast, and possessor of dirty carpets, who wants to find out how “new-looking” those rugs can be again. Overall, this cleaner is a very good bang for your buck.