BISSELL ProHeat 2X Select Pet Review

Got a tough stain, even one from your own best (canine or feline) friend? A hot cleaning machine is your best bet for getting out the worst carpeting stain, and they don’t come much hotter than the BISSELL’s ProHeat 2x Select Pet. The only downside to your wonderful pet companion is the mess that gets left behind, but this vacuum holds true to its name and does a super job taking care of it.

BISSELL Upright Deep CleanerThis upright vacuum cleaner uses scalding hot tap water, incredibly powerful suction and cleaning formula to take down, and take out, the toughest stains anywhere. The twelve rows of brushes that move in and break up the ground-in dirt and flush it away are as powerful as they come, and the floor nozzle creates a foot-long cleaning path, giving you spotless carpet cleaning results every time.

The unit is a 12 amp, meaning it’s powerful, and it includes tools for crevices, for corners, for upholstery, for spraying and for erasing pet stains. If you have a delicate Oriental rug or a wool carpet, that’s no problem; the BISSELL switches to cold water in a blink. The clean is visible immediately, especially after the first run, and the dual tank (keeping dirty and clean water separate) is easily emptied and filled for the quickest cleanup imaginable.

Customer Feedback

Negative Reviews

The BISSELL has a good 3.5 rating out of 5 stars, but that means some rain must fall when it comes to the negatives. And there are some: the most prevalent negative review complaint is that the unit breaks down too easily, and water is wasted on the floor when it’s not sucking it up properly. This particular complaint seems to be due to the heater clogging, and, although the service departments for BISSELL will clean and replace the heater, the life and efficiency of the model are decreased in the process. The clogged heater is the bane of the machine, and most negative reviews mention that it’s not easy to clean and can also be quite expensive to replace.

Positive reviews

BISSELL ProHeat 2x Select PetMost of the positive reviews are strongly in favor of the unit, however, finding it an exceptionally well made and fairly inexpensive product. Pet owners in particular are pleased with the deep cleaning results they get from the twelve rows of brushes and dual tank action; one customer with four dogs considered it a godsend. In most cases, the BISSELL exceeded expectations for the customer, as in the case of the woman whose puppies had “trained” all over her bedroom carpeting; despairing of a solution, she nevertheless tried the BISSELL Select Pet and found it cleaned the carpets completely, good as new. Most customers who left a positive review find this unit equally amazing, and many, as if in answer to the negatives, commend it for its long life and durability.


With the preponderance of evidence and reviews being in favor of this vacuum, we certainly would join the audience’s applause and recommend this very fine unit; it’s priced definitely cheaper and handier than several rentals with the Rug Doctor.