BISSELL ProHeat 2X Select Review

If you’re a slave to the weak, wimpy spray-on carpet cleaning foam and the constant sweeping of your vacuum back and forth to remove the worst carpet stains, you owe it to yourself to investigate the ProHeat 2X Select, the original and acme model of the BISSELL revolutionary hot-water carpet cleaners. Powerful, continuous suction and hot cleaning solution infused with tap water create astonishing results in visibly clean “like-new” carpeting, all over your home.

BISSELL ProHeat 2x Select The dual tank holds the clean water going out separate the from dirty water going in making it incredibly easy to fill and empty. The ultra-smooth wheels promise a sustained, easy carpet cleaning ride while ten rows of brushes, each powerfully ready to clean, creates “like-new” carpeting in a single sweep. The built-in heater will take tap water over 25 degrees hotter than other models and can easily be switched to cold water for wool carpets and Oriental rugs. Inside this model, two power brushes (called Dirt Lifters) lift out deep grime and dirt while gently massaging and grooming the carpet. The floating suspension system will quickly adjust to any height of carpet or flooring. This unit operates with a Detent function pedal, which automatically starts and stops the cleaning process at the touch of your toe.

Customer Feedback

Negative reviews

The BISSELL has receives an excellent 3.7 out of 5 star rating from Amazon. This means that although the vacuum is loved by many, there are still a few unhappy customers, so we’ll start with them first. The major concern, which is a recurring one, is that the heating unit will sometimes clog making it a bit harder to flush out and clean (some complain there are too much wiring inside). Once the heater clogs (and this is the major problem virtually in all the negative reviews), life for the vacuum seems to stop, as nothing else will operate. However, BISSELL is actually very good with regards to replacing the heater under its extended warranty if such an event should occur. Having said all this, it’s still considered the Achilles’ heel of this unit, so to speak. Although the heater clogging issue is quite uncommon and only happens to a select few, if you’re especially worried about this, it might be a better option for you to check out one of the other fine models in the 2X series.

Positive reviews

The positive reviews for this model are much more overbearing and abundant. A quick sampling reveals some very happy and quite satisfied customers to say the least. For many, this unit assembles very quickly and in most cases never overheats or clogs. For many of these happy customers, they are quick to commend this cleaner for its durability and long life.

Cleaning New CarpetOne reviewer actually took the time to explain how a customer can obviate all the negatives (water on the carpet, dust balls left behind) by adjusting for and re-sweeping the area. His machine runs like a dream, he says, as long as the buyer practices some patience and common sense in emptying the tank frequently. Most reviewers were thrilled with the overall results. Some discovered whole new colors and bright sheens to carpeting which has endured generations of dust and grime; even faded Oriental rugs (whose fading turned out to be dirt) brightened up considerably with the application of the cold water cleaning. Many customers also reported an improvement in their allergic reactions due to the removal of pollen and dust spores.


It seems clear that the ProHeat 2X Select is a major winner for the majority. It’s a great saving over more complex and difficult steam cleaning systems.