BISSELL ProHeat 2X Review

Choosing the Best ProHeat 2X Cleaner for Your Home

BISSELL ProHeat 2xWhen it comes to the BISSELL ProHeat 2X series, there are quite a few different models to pick from. This might seem a bit confusing at first, especially if you don’t know what you’re looking for, but a closer examination reveals that there’s actually not that much difference between each model. The main functions and features are all quite similar, however, you will find that each model contains a few unique features which are geared a bit more towards a certain audience. This should be your main focus when deciding which model to purchase.


  • 12 Amps of Power
  • Built-in Heater (easy to switch on and off)
  • Dual DirtLifter® PowerBrush (Number of rows vary depending on model)
  • 2-in-1 Water tank
  • Custom Clean Dial automatically mixes water with cleaning solution
  • Easy to Remove Nozzle

Healthy Home (Model 66Q4)

BISSELL Healthy Home Upright Deep Cleaner features an ultra smooth suspension system to adjust to any carpet or flooring height, and the patented Dry Aire system blasts hot air across carpeting to facilitate extremely fast drying.

Basic (Model 9200)

BISSELL Upright Carpet Cleaner is the cheapest model in this category. Having said that, it is still a decent prototype of the Bissell Pro-Heat series featuring 10 rows of PowerLifter Dirtbrushes that break up the ground-in grime and force it to the surface.

Pet (Model 9200P)

BISSELL Pet Deep Cleaning System features the remarkable pressurized cleaning system that uses cleaning solution and super-heated water to blast out the toughest deep down dirt and stains, making it most suitable for pet owners.

Select (Model 9400M)

BISSELL Select Upright Deep Carpet Cleaner can be considered the mid range model in this lineup. It combines heated cleaning with double rows of DirtLifter PowerBrushes and surround suction to easily and safely remove ground-in dirt from carpeted floors.

Select Pet (Model 94003)

BISSELL Select Pet Upright Cleaner uses scalding hot tap water, incredibly powerful suction and cleaning formula to take down and take out the toughest stains anywhere. This unit is extremely powerful especially for eliminating pet stains.

CleanShot (Model 9500)

BISSELL CleanShot Upright Deep Cleaner is the most expensive cleaner in this line but it comes with a few unique and exclusive features including DryAir and CleanShot technology. This provides even more cleaning power at the touch of a button.

If you’re unsure which BISSELL vacuum suits your specific needs, make sure you check out the review links above for more in-depth discussion of each vacuum.

BISSELL ProHeat 2X Select Pet Review

Got a tough stain, even one from your own best (canine or feline) friend? A hot cleaning machine is your best bet for getting out the worst carpeting stain, and they don’t come much hotter than the BISSELL’s ProHeat 2x Select Pet. The only downside to your wonderful pet companion is the mess that gets left behind, but this vacuum holds true to its name and does a super job taking care of it.

BISSELL Upright Deep CleanerThis upright vacuum cleaner uses scalding hot tap water, incredibly powerful suction and cleaning formula to take down, and take out, the toughest stains anywhere. The twelve rows of brushes that move in and break up the ground-in dirt and flush it away are as powerful as they come, and the floor nozzle creates a foot-long cleaning path, giving you spotless carpet cleaning results every time.

The unit is a 12 amp, meaning it’s powerful, and it includes tools for crevices, for corners, for upholstery, for spraying and for erasing pet stains. If you have a delicate Oriental rug or a wool carpet, that’s no problem; the BISSELL switches to cold water in a blink. The clean is visible immediately, especially after the first run, and the dual tank (keeping dirty and clean water separate) is easily emptied and filled for the quickest cleanup imaginable.

Customer Feedback

Negative Reviews

The BISSELL has a good 3.5 rating out of 5 stars, but that means some rain must fall when it comes to the negatives. And there are some: the most prevalent negative review complaint is that the unit breaks down too easily, and water is wasted on the floor when it’s not sucking it up properly. This particular complaint seems to be due to the heater clogging, and, although the service departments for BISSELL will clean and replace the heater, the life and efficiency of the model are decreased in the process. The clogged heater is the bane of the machine, and most negative reviews mention that it’s not easy to clean and can also be quite expensive to replace.

Positive reviews

BISSELL ProHeat 2x Select PetMost of the positive reviews are strongly in favor of the unit, however, finding it an exceptionally well made and fairly inexpensive product. Pet owners in particular are pleased with the deep cleaning results they get from the twelve rows of brushes and dual tank action; one customer with four dogs considered it a godsend. In most cases, the BISSELL exceeded expectations for the customer, as in the case of the woman whose puppies had “trained” all over her bedroom carpeting; despairing of a solution, she nevertheless tried the BISSELL Select Pet and found it cleaned the carpets completely, good as new. Most customers who left a positive review find this unit equally amazing, and many, as if in answer to the negatives, commend it for its long life and durability.


With the preponderance of evidence and reviews being in favor of this vacuum, we certainly would join the audience’s applause and recommend this very fine unit; it’s priced definitely cheaper and handier than several rentals with the Rug Doctor.

BISSELL ProHeat 2X Select Review

If you’re a slave to the weak, wimpy spray-on carpet cleaning foam and the constant sweeping of your vacuum back and forth to remove the worst carpet stains, you owe it to yourself to investigate the ProHeat 2X Select, the original and acme model of the BISSELL revolutionary hot-water carpet cleaners. Powerful, continuous suction and hot cleaning solution infused with tap water create astonishing results in visibly clean “like-new” carpeting, all over your home.

BISSELL ProHeat 2x Select The dual tank holds the clean water going out separate the from dirty water going in making it incredibly easy to fill and empty. The ultra-smooth wheels promise a sustained, easy carpet cleaning ride while ten rows of brushes, each powerfully ready to clean, creates “like-new” carpeting in a single sweep. The built-in heater will take tap water over 25 degrees hotter than other models and can easily be switched to cold water for wool carpets and Oriental rugs. Inside this model, two power brushes (called Dirt Lifters) lift out deep grime and dirt while gently massaging and grooming the carpet. The floating suspension system will quickly adjust to any height of carpet or flooring. This unit operates with a Detent function pedal, which automatically starts and stops the cleaning process at the touch of your toe.

Customer Feedback

Negative reviews

The BISSELL has receives an excellent 3.7 out of 5 star rating from Amazon. This means that although the vacuum is loved by many, there are still a few unhappy customers, so we’ll start with them first. The major concern, which is a recurring one, is that the heating unit will sometimes clog making it a bit harder to flush out and clean (some complain there are too much wiring inside). Once the heater clogs (and this is the major problem virtually in all the negative reviews), life for the vacuum seems to stop, as nothing else will operate. However, BISSELL is actually very good with regards to replacing the heater under its extended warranty if such an event should occur. Having said all this, it’s still considered the Achilles’ heel of this unit, so to speak. Although the heater clogging issue is quite uncommon and only happens to a select few, if you’re especially worried about this, it might be a better option for you to check out one of the other fine models in the 2X series.

Positive reviews

The positive reviews for this model are much more overbearing and abundant. A quick sampling reveals some very happy and quite satisfied customers to say the least. For many, this unit assembles very quickly and in most cases never overheats or clogs. For many of these happy customers, they are quick to commend this cleaner for its durability and long life.

Cleaning New CarpetOne reviewer actually took the time to explain how a customer can obviate all the negatives (water on the carpet, dust balls left behind) by adjusting for and re-sweeping the area. His machine runs like a dream, he says, as long as the buyer practices some patience and common sense in emptying the tank frequently. Most reviewers were thrilled with the overall results. Some discovered whole new colors and bright sheens to carpeting which has endured generations of dust and grime; even faded Oriental rugs (whose fading turned out to be dirt) brightened up considerably with the application of the cold water cleaning. Many customers also reported an improvement in their allergic reactions due to the removal of pollen and dust spores.


It seems clear that the ProHeat 2X Select is a major winner for the majority. It’s a great saving over more complex and difficult steam cleaning systems.

BISSELL ProHeat 2X Pet Review

BISSELL is probably the greatest innovator in deep cleaning carpet units, especially with their incredible Pro heat series. This BISSELL Pet deep cleaner features the remarkable pressurized cleaning system that uses cleaning solution and super-heated water to blast out the toughest deep down dirt and stains, especially those from your canine and feline friends.

BISSELL ProHeat 2x PetThe patented Surround Suction system, which features a technology that literally controls and removes odors (not just masking them), allows for the most powerful kind of pet cleanup you’ll ever run across. Its doubled brushes (ten of them in all), all rotating at powerful speeds, pull out the dirt from deep down, flush it away with hot water and leave the carpet matting brushed, fluffed and gently massaged, all for maximum clean and maximum ease. The dual tank, which separates the dirty water entering from the clean water exiting, is easy to fill, easy to empty and incredibly easy to clean; in addition, there’s every possible brush you’d ever need for crevices, corners, cubbyholes, triangle patches and all the odd places where dirt likes to hide. And on high traffic areas, it’s amazing; you’ll discover like new carpeting and vibrant colors you never knew you had.

Customer Feedback for BISSELL ProHeat

Negative reviews

The BISSELL Pet Deep Cleaning system has a fine rating, 3.7 stars out of 5 on Amazon, but that has to mean that some people weren’t happy with the purchase. And the complaint is the same one echoed for most BISSELL Deep cleaning uprights, that the machine will not function well (for some, at least) after multiple uses. The reason appears to be, in most cases, that the heating unit clogs (it’s not easily flushed out) and must be replaced. BISSELL is usually happy to do that for customers, but many feel it’s too much trouble for the price, especially shipping the unit back and forth. In addition, it does leave wet spots and traces of fiber, although these dry quickly and are easily removed with a second sweep. Still, many customers who are in the negatives consider the BISSELL a mediocre second to other models.

Positive reviews

ProHeat Deep CleaningHowever, many of the positive reviewers consider this unit second to none, particularly in its astonishing ability to restore dirty, grimy or supposedly faded carpet to new color and luster; many customers thought that their carpeting had faded, and were happy to discover that the effect was dust, not exposure. Their carpets are literally new again. In open defiance of the negatives, many positive reviewers report heavy use and long life from their BISSELL, with no clogging or other complaints manifesting themselves; because of this, most positive customers review it in superlatives such as great, wonderful, miraculous and fabulous. One remarked that cleaning the unit is a bit disgusting, but she tempered that with the idea that the dirt and grime were in the machine and no longer on her floor.


And since the BISSELL Pet does what it is supposed to and far more, we can’t help but recommend it to the pet enthusiast, and possessor of dirty carpets, who wants to find out how “new-looking” those rugs can be again. Overall, this cleaner is a very good bang for your buck.

BISSELL ProHeat 2X Healthy Home Review

If you’re reading this, then we should be the one to tell you that this is definitely one of BISSELL’s best and most-recommended deep cleaning upright unit. The BISSELL Healthy Home Deep Cleaner uses the innovative BISSELL hot-water cleaning method of combining heated tap water with carpet cleaner formula and forcing it through a powerful set of a dozen rotating brushes, thus removing ground-in dirt and grime, flushing it away while fluffing and grooming carpeting fibers.

Dual DirtLifter PowerBrushesThe heater takes tap water 25 degrees up the heating scale for the maximum effective clean (and if you’ve got Oriental rugs or wool carpeting, don’t worry – there’s also a cool water function).

It sprays that water (combined with the cleaning solution) onto high traffic and pet-stained areas of your floor and powers the grime out with a single pass, while massaging the carpet into fully cleaned, like new fiber matting. The ultra smooth suspension system adjusts to any carpet or flooring height, and the patented Dry Aire system blasts hot air across carpeting to facilitate a quick drying sensation.

Microban microbial protection comes automatically with this, and many customers report a huge decrease in their allergic reactions to dust and pollen as the Healthy Home unit cleans their flooring. In addition, numerous attachments easily clean every possible surface, no matter how out of the way, and these are easily attached and removed. It’s not a surprise that this unit received a 4.2 out of 5 star on Amazon.

Customer Feedback

Negative Reviews

There are only a few negatives, and most of them deal with units that break down and need the heating pump repaired.  This was a common complaint in earlier BISSELL models, but the company created numerous innovations in this advanced and innovative unit, thus the problem is far less frequent. There are a few bugs still, which means there are still a few unsatisfied customers, but the minority opinion of this breakdowns is dwindling.

Positive Reviews

These are numerous, and fairly spectacular in their praise for the unit. They enjoyed the new features (exclusive to this BISSELL) of the spinning icon at the base of the machine, which indicates whether or not the job is going well or needs to stop to refill. The four settings were praised as well, since customers loved the ability to switch immediately from normal cleaning settings to those for heavy traffic areas.

ProHeat 2x Healthy HomeAlthough the unit is bulky, most didn’t find it hard to maneuver, and assembly was easy for almost all customers. The unit surpassed most expectations in results, and a universal theme that is common to all BISSELL models surfaced again and again, that the customer is rediscovering what his/her carpeting really looks like. A number of faded rugs (even Oriental ones) brighten to new life when it turns out that it was dust and not exposure that was the problem. For the rest, it’s all superlatives such as Wow, awesome, amazing, remarkable, astonishing being applied to this excellent unit, and the clean carpeting results were called “literal lifesavers” by a number of satisfied users.


If you’re searching for the best BISSELL deep cleaner then you should be happy to know that you’re looking in the right direction . Many of the customers who have bought this model indicate that it really is one of the best and we have no problem enthusiastically recommending this ProHeat 2X unit based on their positive reviews and experiences.

BISSELL ProHeat 2X CleanShot Review

Most vacuums advertise themselves as hot stuff, but the ProHeat 2x CleanShot proves it. It uses power, heat, cleaning formula and a variety of brushes and attachments to deep-clean the grimiest carpet in the most dense traffic areas you’ve got. The heater for the BISSELL heats water 25 degrees hotter than most models, for maximum results. This cleaner also has a no-heat switch for more delicate carpeting and rugs.

BISSELL ProHeat 2x CleanShotBy utilizing two DirtLifter Powerbrushes to roll out a bristle pattern on your carpet, it safely and easily lifts out grime while gently massaging and grooming your carpeting for a refreshed and completely clean look. Then the unit’s dryer, the not-so-humble Dry Aire function, blasts hot air across the carpeting to dry it as the brushes fluff it up.

Quite a system and one that is revolutionizing carpet cleaning as we know it. The BISSELL’s floating suspension adjusts automatically to any carpet height and the dual tank keeps the dirty water separate from the clean water; it all produces a spectacular clean that’s easily seen, even deep down.

With every attachment tool imaginable, for every nook and cranny, the BISSELL CleanShot is ideal for every carpet that needs heavy cleaning. You can read more about these features in the user’s guide.

Customer Feedback

The Negative Reviews

This BISSELL model achieved an enviable 3.9 out of 5 star rating, so you can imagine it hasn’t gotten many bad reviews; however, one consistent theme that comes out of the negatives is that the CleanShot, if improperly used or if operated too quickly, will leave residue in the form of trails of hair; another fairly steady complaint is that the plastic parts (particularly the attachments) tend to break much too easily. However, the most regular problem with this deep cleaner is, after a long period of inactivity, may break down suddenly; several customers have had it at the repair shop more than at home. This is a minority view, but it infuses anger into several reviews from bitter customers.

The Positive Reviews

It’s a lot sweeter over on the positive side, where the customers are many, and reviews are awesome. Most consider the BISSELL CleanShot to be super easy to assemble, and unlike the negative reviewers, commend it for lengthy use and durability. They enjoy the ease of the water tank, both filling and emptying, and the separate tank for the cleaning solution solves a number of problems for owners of models without that feature.

Clean Shot Heavy Duty Spot Cleaning

Clean Shot Heavy Duty Spot CleaningThe one feature most commented on is the Clean Shot, which is a blast of pure cleaning solution delivered on a single tough spot, and most customers note that it’s highly effective and gives a long lasting clean. As if in defiance of the negative reviewers, many commend the durable plastic attachments as being much sturdier than earlier ones. One customer even mentioned that when it comes to carpet cleaning with the CleanShot, she has it so much easier than her grandmother.


With all votes in, the 2X CleanShot is definitely a winner. It’s a bargain as well for anyone wanting to heat up their cleaning experience and get visibly clean carpeting.

BISSELL Basic ProHeat 2X Review

The BISSELL 9200 Basic upright carpet cleaner is rated 3.1 out of 5 stars on Amazon; it’s therefore given a qualified recommendation, although it barely squeaks by our criteria for a recommendation. Having said that, it’s still a decent prototype of the BISSELL Pro-Heat series, and it stands as the basic model that launched more successful units employing the hot-water carpet cleaning treatment system.

BISSELL ProHeat 2X Upright Deep Carpet CleanerThe BISSELL Pro-Heat system using hot carpet cleaning formula mixed with heated tap water and coupled with a powerful suction mechanism to quickly remove carpet stains in only one pass. There are ten rows of brushes, all powerfully rotating, that break up the ground-in grime and force it to the surface, flush it away with the hot water cleaning system and massage the carpet.

The unit can even go against walls and perform its cleaning functions with no scratching, due to its edge sweeping brushes. The patented heating system raises the temperature of hot tap water some 25 degrees, and this optimizes the efficacy and speed of the unit.

The powerful Dirt Lifter rollers power out the dirt and at the same time groom carpet and fluff the fibers. It’s especially effective in high traffic areas, and with pet stains; it also features a cold water application for safe cleaning of Oriental carpeting and wool rugs.

Customer Feedback

Negative Reviews

Since the unit is barely acceptable at 3.1 stars, a number of complaints have to be acknowledged. Among these are the numerous unhappy customers whose unit stopped working, either with the sprayer or the entire heating system. This is most commonly caused by the clogging of the pump, which can occur regularly; the unit is difficult to disassemble, and usually needs to be sent to a BISSELL service store. Totalvac, which is a consumer website for vacuum cleaners, has reported that when the pump fails, it stop the solenoid as well. This complaint is almost universal throughout most of the reviews (some 51 negatives in the one and two star range), and many indicate that they spent more time servicing and repairing the unit than using it.

Positive reviews

Positives for this unit include several enthusiastic customers, but even these have a note of qualification: many noted the issues the machine has even if it does not stop operating, such as the need to frequently clean all the parts, as well as the possibility of leakage if the unit is stored while still full of cleaning compound (even though this is BISSELL’s recommendation).

Carpet Cleaning

That said, many are happy with the unit, and enjoy re-discovering their carpeting for the first time, so to speak, as the powerful cleaning instrument reveals new color and mat to the previously grimy flooring. One customer was thrilled to discover that his brown carpeting border was actually a light tan! Many, also, note that the BISSELL basic is a true work horse, and these are about even with the reviews that say it isn’t.


The jury couldn’t arrive at a verdict, so we recommend the BISSELL basic with qualifications noted above. We also recommend that you check out some of the other BISSELL ProHeat 2x series vacuums before making your final purchasing decision.