5 Reasons to Invest in Store-Bought Carpet Cleaners

1. Affordability

Piggy BankThe average commercial machine costs thousands of dollars. The newest models of home carpet cleaners cost significantly less, and can pay for themselves by replacing one professional cleaning. The prices generally fall in the range of $99- $399, with a wide variety of models available at the lower end of the range. Even at the higher end, the savings will start adding up as you no longer have to pay for professional cleaning. Over the course of a year or two, these savings will be quite significant.

2. Ease of Use

Today’s carpet cleaning machines are as easy to use as a regular vacuum. They feature large tanks and efficient brush agitation so you won’t have to refill the tank as often and your carpet will look good as new after a thorough cleaning. You simply add water and carpet cleaning solution to the tank and you’re ready to roll. There will usually be a drain hose so unused water can easily be emptied as well.

3. Significantly Extended Carpet Life

Owning a carpet cleaner will allow you to clean more often, which means long term damage and tough to remove stains will be greatly minimized. Getting a couple more years out of your carpet can save you thousands over a lifetime. An added bonus is that you can pull out the cleaner as often as you like, even if you just have one little stain to clean. This isn’t practical or cost efficient with rental cleaners or professionals services.

4. A Healthier Home Environment

Healthy HomeAccording to the Environmental Protection Agency, the quality of indoor air improves significantly after a good cleaning session. Dust, allergens, dander, and dust mites are all removed, making each breath you take in your home fresher and cleaner. This is a particularly important consideration for those who suffer from seasonal allergies, as dirty carpets are full of these allergens. A good deep carpet cleaner can work wonders for your home.

5. Convenience

Once you own a carpet cleaner, you’re free to clean your carpets whenever you like without having to run out and rent a cleaner or call for a service appointment. You won’t have to let strangers in your house and worry about the results you’ll be getting from outside services. Stains can be treated the minute they occur, making successful cleaning many time more likely, as the stain will not have time to set and dry. This is reason enough to invest in your own carper cleaner. You can also clean your carpets at 3:00am if you wish. Simply fill the tank, add the carpet cleaning detergent, and you’re ready for business.


It’s pretty clear that investing in a carpet cleaner is a smart decision. If you have kids or pets (or both) tracking in dirt, spilling drinks and making a mess of your carpets on a daily basis, carpet cleaning machines really are the most practical solution for keeping your carpets clean.